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Films on Dalit Issue

The Untouchables  (1959 TV series) episodes Nº = Overall episode number Ep = Episode number by season Season 1: 1959–60 NºEpTitleDirected by:Written by:Original air date 1 1 "The Empty Chair" John Peyser David Karp, Ernest Kinoy 15 October 1959 With Capone in prison, Frank Nitti tries to grab the open top spot in the empire. But Capone's bookkeeper is giving him a run for his money. Untouchables agent "Rico" Rossi is introduced in this episode, as a barber-turned federal agentwho was a witness to Frank Nitti's murder of two top Capone lieutenants. 2 2 "Ma Barker and Her Boys" Joe Parker Jerome Ross 22 October 1959 Ness has tracked down the notorious bank robber Ma Barker, a woman who turned her back on religion in order to lead a life of crime with her sons.  3 "The Jake Lingle Killing" Tay Garnett  Robert C. Dennis,  Saul Levitt 29 October 1959 A newspaperman is murdered for double-crossing some mobsters. So a reward-seeking ex-c