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RSS Hidden Agenda

Important notes from a student's journey from Shishu Mandir to Hindu University By MediaVigil - Roshan Pandey My studies took place in the school Vidya Mandir, run by the school from the nursery to the 11th from the classroom. Whatever was happening in these 12 years was normal for me. When we have grown up in a particular environment for a long time, then we can not see its shortcomings. Listening to the same type of things around you, accept it as true. This is my speed too. The words of the RSS mouthpiece, his books and his thinkers were heard in the classrooms of Vidya Mandir. Seeing when you become communal, you do not know. First of all, you will be proud of being a Hindu. Then it will be told that you are superior to the other religions. After that it is argued that in the past we had developed all the technicalities, but the terror of the Muslims surpassed us. Jung is spoken against Christian missionaries to save Hindu religion. Students are brought in camps and branche