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Brahmical Dictatorship

Brahmical Dictatorship 1. Indian Brahmins have been oppressing the lower caste population in India. 2. Brahmins introduced the inhuman “untouchability” 3. Brahmins are cunning, parasitic exploiters and creators of the iniquitous caste system. 4. Indian sub-continent’s biggest problem was 5000 years of Brahmin oppression! 5. Brahmins never allowed others to read and write or to learn Sanskrit! 6. Brahmins are arrogant, dis-respective, communal and abusive extremists who whip the dalits (lower caste Hindus) till they die. 7. Brahmins exploited and continue to exploit everyone else. 8. Brahmins authored the Hindu scriptures just to ensure their own highest position in the social hierarchy. The list is endless! And any educated person believes this as 100% truth. Even those who born in today’s Brahmin caste are apologetic about their birth due to these “truths”! However, these ‘truth’ arguments clearly lack historical validity and logical consistency. It is merely a case of “repeat a