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Untouchable Thing

Top 3 Causes of Untouchability – Explained! Some of the most important causes of untouchability in hindu society: 1. Racial Factors 2. Religious Factors 3. Social Factors. The idea that untouchability is caused solely by the caste system does not hold good. In fact, there are also other causes of untouchability besides the caste system. “The origin of the position of exterior castes is partly racial, partly religious and partly a matter of social custom.” There are mainly three causes i.e., racial, religious and social ones to explain the persistence of untouchability in Hindu society. 1. Racial Factors One of the fundamental causes of untouchability is the racial consideration. A large number of races existed in India, but the Aryans who were advanced and civilized people, defeated the aboriginals of India. The victor always considers himself superior to the vanquished and treats the other race as inferior. Therefore to some scholars the Aryan invaders gave some derogatory names to t