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    Caste In South Asia the  caste  system has been a dominating aspect of social organization for thousands of years. A caste, generally designated by the term  jati  (“birth”), refers to a strictly regulated social  community  into which one is born. Some jatis have occupational names, but the connection between caste and occupational specialization is limited. In general, a person is expected to  marry  someone within the same jati, follow a particular set of rules for proper behaviour (in such matters as kinship, occupation, and diet), and interact with other jatis according to the group’s position in the social  hierarchy . Based on names alone, it is possible to identify more than 2,000 jatis. However, it is common for there to be several distinct groups bearing the same name that are not part of the same marriage network or local caste system. In India virtually all nontribal Hindus and many adherents of other faiths (even Muslims, for whom caste is theoretically anathema) recog