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Dalit Caste violence

Ambalapattu violence From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 2018 Ambalapattu violence refers to the violence on New Year's Eve of 2018 in a Dalit settlement in the village of  Ambalapattu ,  Tamil Nadu . The settlement was attacked by dominant caste villagers during the  New year celebrations  by the Dalit community. Around 80 dominant caste villagers damaged Dalit homes, motor-bikes and properties. 8 Dalits were injured and 4 were admitted to the hospital. The attacks led to protests and road blocks by thousands of villagers and political parties across the state to bring the attackers to justice. 6 men from the dominant caste community were arrested in the next two days for the violence. Background The Dalit villagers reside in the settlement of Kudikadu, in the south of the large village of Ambalapattu. This settlement has an dominant caste group consisting of at least 300  Kallar  caste families, and a relatively small Dalit  Paraiyar  population consisting of about 60 house