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Dalit Resources

  Sources of Information REFLECTIONS: "," news reports of Dalit activism and atrocities: * site * Ambedkar Mission of Canada , One Hundred Years For Freedom, a centennial celebration, 1991: * site * Deliege, Robert, and Simon Charsley, panel convenors:  "Low-caste, 'Untouchable', and Anti-caste Movements." 16th European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies, Edinburgh, Sept. 6-9th, 2000: * abstracts and papers *. Hancock, Virginia,   "New Buddhism for New Aspirations:  Navayana Buddhism of Ambedkar and His Followers," Manushi 145 (Nov.-Dec. 2004): * site * Hart, George , "Early Evidence for Caste in South India" (in PDF form): * site * "How the Other Half Lives ," an interesting group blog site about caste: * site * Immerwahr, Daniel,  "Caste or Colony? Indianizing Race in the United States," Modern Intellectual History 4,2 (2007): * on this site * (with the generous permission of the author) Immerwahr,