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Dalits in Art & Music

Anwesshaa ANWESHAA - The Official Website ( I was born on the  15th of December  at Virar, a suburb near Mumbai to my parents Shrimati Mita Dattagupta & Shri Kushal Dattagupta. We shifted to Kolkata when I was about 3. My parents, particularly my mother, who was a singer realised my inherent knack towards the basics of Sur & Taal at that very early age. She started to inculcate in me, the ‘a b c d… of music - ‘sa re ga ma… since then. Yes, she is my first Guru. I am indeed extremely fortunate that they decided & I was put under the able guidance of my Guru Shri Jayant Sarkar, an exceptional trainer & a brilliant composer, when I was 4.. I still continue to train in Hindustani classical vocal under him. Discography: Major competitions ‘Tarana’, finalist (2002, ETv Bangla) Winner of ‘Young Talent Contest 2004’ (Calcutta School of Music) Winner of All Bengal Interschool Competetion (2006) Zee Bangla SaReGaMaPa (Juniors) finalist (2007) (Zee Bangla) Amul Star