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Dalit Freedom Fighters

Abadi Bano Begum Known mostly by her honorific Bi Amman , Abadi Bano Begum didn't let her conservative background stop her from supporting the Independence struggle. She observed strict purdah all her life, and didn't cower behind it when the time came to speak in protest of her jailed freedom fighter son in 1917. She stepped out of her house, and addressed a huge crowd in Lucknow, all from behind her burqa. Abadi Bano Begum AKA Bi Amma:   The Burqa Clad Freedom Fighter By  Nabeela Jamil Abadi Bano Begum, popularly known as ‘Bi Amma’ set an exemplary precedent for all women in general and Muslim women in particular as she shattered the stereotypes associated with a traditional ‘orthodox’ Muslim woman. She is a lesser-known freedom fighter who left no stone unturned as she took part in the nation’s freedom struggle, contributed to ensure Hindu-Muslim unity, and participated in the Khilafat movement. She was also the mother of the great freedom fighters Muhamamd Ali Jauhar and Sh