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Dalit Muslim

Nat (Muslim) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia NatRegions with significant populations • India • Nepal Languages • Urdu • Maithili Religion Islam 100% Related ethnic groups • Hindu Nat • Bakho • Pamaria The Nat are a Muslim community found in North India . A few are also found in the Terai region of Nepal . They are Muslim converts from the Hindu Nat caste. History and origin The Muslim Nat are a semi-nomadic community, traditionally associated rope dancing, juggling, fortune telling and begging. They are found mainly in the districts of Madhubani , Darbhanga , Samastipur and Patna . They speak Urdu . Present circumstances The Muslim Nat are mainly cattle dealers, while a small number are involved in begging. They are one of the most marginalized Muslim communities in Bihar . Almost all the Nat are landless. A small number of Nat have now settled down and are cultivators. The Nat are strictly endogamous, and generally live in isolation from other Muslim communities in the