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Dalit - Brahmin Love

Can a Bramin girl agreed to marry SC Maheswara Sastry M , Education is life itself Answered May 8, 2018 1. Nearly 3,000 castes and 25,000 sub-castes exist in India. 2. Brahmins constitute just three percent of the population(across the nation). 3. Among the castes, Brahmins are the people who have the most liberal view of the Inter-caste marriages. 4. Many surveys indicated that, Brahmins have the highest inter-caste marriages among all the castes. Now you need to ask yourself an introspective question, whether you have been correct to assume that Brahmins have the least acceptance of other castes? The problem lies in assumptions than facts. Daughter’s marriage row:  Dalit MLA springs to defence of Brahmin lawmaker The development came even as the girl continued to be in demand among news channels for her viral video message that was posted after her marriage with a Dalit man Hindustan Times, Lucknow | By Manish Chandra Pandey , Lucknow PUBLISHED ON JUL 14, 2019  A Dalit MLA of the BJP