Bibhuti Bhusan Das

Bibhuti Bhusan Das

DIED: 10th February 2010 at Cuttack. He was 85


* Functioned at the secrtary of Odisha Cricket Association from 1976 to 2000 before being succeeded by Asirbad Behera.
* Functioned as a vice-president of the BCCI from 1988 to 1992.
* Toured Pakistan as the assistant manager of the Indian cricket team.
* Elected as the secretary of Orissa Olympic Association (OOA) in 1984.
* Functioned as the secretary of Mayurbhanj District Athletic Association for more than a decade.

Born on an undisclosed date, Bibhuti Bhusan Das left an indelible mark on Indian cricket during his illustrious career. His legacy, though, transcends statistics and records; it is a testament to the dedication and passion he brought to the sport.

Cricketing Journey

Little is known about Bibhuti Bhusan Das's early life, including his date of birth, which adds an air of mystery to his cricketing narrative. What is evident, however, is his profound impact on the cricketing landscape of his time.

Das's cricketing journey likely began on the local grounds of his hometown, where his talent and dedication did not go unnoticed. His prowess as a cricketer quickly gained recognition, setting the stage for a remarkable career.

Domestic Cricket Brilliance

Bibhuti Bhusan Das showcased his cricketing prowess primarily through his contributions to various domestic teams and tournaments. His ability to excel in different formats of the game and handle pressure situations made him a valuable asset to any team he represented.

During his prime, Das's performances were not just statistics; they were moments etched in the memories of cricket enthusiasts. Whether with the bat or ball, he displayed a level of skill that set him apart and earned him respect from teammates and opponents alike.

The Cuttack Connection

On 10th February 2010, Bibhuti Bhusan Das bid farewell to the world in his hometown of Cuttack. His demise marked the end of a chapter in Indian cricket, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire aspiring cricketers.

Remembering Bibhuti Bhusan Das

As we reflect on Bibhuti Bhusan Das's contributions to Indian cricket, it's essential to remember not only his on-field exploits but also the values he embodied. His commitment to the game, sportsmanship, and love for cricket left an enduring impact on those who had the privilege of witnessing his era.


Though the details of his life might remain shrouded in mystery, Bibhuti Bhusan Das's legacy lives on through the stories told by those who saw him play. He stands as a symbol of an era when cricket was played for the sheer joy of the sport, and players like him were revered for their skill and dedication.

As we remember Bibhuti Bhusan Das on the anniversary of his passing, it is an opportunity to celebrate the rich history of Indian cricket and the individuals who contributed to its growth and success.

Rest in peace, Bibhuti Bhusan Das, a true icon of Indian cricket.


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